All contributions to Harbingers of Neophysics must be uploaded into one of the following categories.

Physical Vacuum, what is it?
Nobody knows what the physical vacuum is. But, with contributions presented elsewhere on this website the properties of the physical vacuum could be elucidated.
Bimodal Waves in Vacuum.
Mathematically,  bimodal waves are defined in this article, electromagnetic waves are an example of bimodal waves.
Causal Approach to Quantum Phenomena
Needs no introduction.
Biological Systems
The physics of biological systems is often not understood. Here lesser known biological phenomena, that are scientifically documented, are reviewed with the view that these results could be explained as examples for propositions presented elsewhere on this website.
Critical Reviews; Theory
Here established theory is critically reviewed. The critical review must be either based on sound mathematical rigour, and/or by logical reasoning of well constructed thought experiments, and/or supported by scientifically collected experimental evidence.
Critical Reviews; Experimental Evidence
Here we do not criticise the results of  experiments, but give critical review of the reported interpretations.
Unexplained Phenomena
Unexplained physical phenomena are reported here.  The purpose for this category is that the unexplained can trigger thought processes that guide other work developed here. It is secondary not primary.
Mathematical Methods
A purely mathematical section, no physics. Mathematical references presented here should have some application in physics, and that must be explained in the paper.
This section is provided to widen the field.  All postulates need to be rigorously argued from first principles. Also, postulates should not form island solutions or try to unify the two islands representing general relativity and quantum mechanics.  They have not been unified since quantum mechanics was defined, now nearly a century ago. So you, nor I, are not going to achieve this, furthermore GR-QM unification is not the purpose of this website.
Front  Matter
Used by the proceeding curators to upload front matter stuff for each proceeding issue. Unless invited to contribute, please do not use the category.