This website is the public window into the association known as Harbingers of Neophysics abbreviated as HNP.

In the endevour to promote collaboration in selected topics of physics (see Aims and Objects) this website permits HNP members to:

  1. Uploading of rigorously and mathematically argued articles as a preprints. A separate page is created together with a forum entry to encourage a critical discussion among members. Preprints are visible immediately after upload. Quality preprints will be accepted in the curated Proceedings on a regular basis thereafter.
  2. Uploading of blog contributions,  these are checked and published in the blog.
  3. Access to the forum to create topics and allows participation.

We require a membership donation as part of the identification process. We have a “donate as you can afford it” policy and at checkout the applicant sets a donation amount suitable for him/her. (We also offer free membership on application.)

(£10 min)
(£40 min)
(£20 min)
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