Abstract:   The question whether all phenomena are of electromagnetic origin has not been answered since Poincaré voiced it. To work towards an answer we adopt a Poincaréan ontology (everything is of electromagnetic origin) and develop Maxwellian dynamics (interactions as nilpotent electromagnetic superpositions) and put it to test experience. For this purpose I present a novel set of three simultaneous vector cross-product equations that define generically the Maxwell equations in vacuum, but with expanded analytical capabilities, e.g. solitons as 1-D, 2-D and 3-dimensional waves; the latter two propagate on closed curves in space. Here we analyse 1-dimensional solitons (photons) and show that entanglement emerges from the conservation of the nilpotent state required for a two-photon production in atomic cascades. From the insight obtained, I propose adapting the EPR experiment by introducing asymmetrical polarisation in the first (and earlier) Alice’s station. Bob in the second (and later) station uses a symmetrical polariser. The theorems presented here predict that Bob observes an asymmetrical polarisation distribution. Should this prediction be proven experimentally then that would set an inflection point in the ontology of physics

Key Words:   Maxwell Equations, Maxwellian Solitons, Entanglement, EPR Paradox

Posted in:   3 Causal Approach to Quantum Phenomena

Article Reference:   1805

Article Status: Published in Proceedings

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