Abstract:   This paper introduces a new n-dimensional associative and commutative, but non-distributive, algebra. We define the spatial operator $_sj$ that manipulates numbers in a multidimensional number-space (hyper-complex) according to the spatial angle $_s\theta$, a tuple of angles $_s(\theta_1, \theta_2, \ldots)$. The spatial number, which is expressed symbolically as $\textrm{e}^{_s\theta}$, belongs to both the additive and multiplicative Abelian groups. They are non-distributive in multiplication with respect to addition, thus forming a non-distributive ring. Spatial numbers could have applications in vector algebra allowing the algebraic product of two vector quantities. Furthermore, they could be of interest in physics, and towards that purpose, I present a novel multi-dimensional solution of the wave equation that describes a spherical wave object whose centre propagates at a velocity $c$ in a vector space.

Key Words:   n-dimensional numbers

Posted in:   7 Mathematical Methods

Article Reference:   /987

Article Status: Preprint

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