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      This website uses MathJax to render mathematics. The physics extension to MathJax is enabled, and described fully here. Including equations in your text use the LaTeX syntax.

      Simple inline equations are enclosed by dollar signs. Eg. $e^{i \theta} = \cos\theta + i \sin\theta$ and renders: $e^{i \theta} = \cos\theta + i \sin\theta$. If you need to show a price of \$9.99 you need to escape the dollar character with a backslash, that is \$9.99. The display equation
      \[\laplacian\vb E + \epsilon_0\mu_0 \pdv[2]{\vb E}{t} = 0 \]
      is coded \[ \laplacian\vb E + \epsilon_0\mu_0 \pdv[2]{\vb E}{t} = 0 \]

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