Articles in PDF format are uploaded by yourself,  preferably in our format and style and complying with our copyright policy.  When submitting a paper the following is asked from you and has to be entered into the submit-form.  The data you enter into the form can be saved, and the submission process can be continued at any later time.

Article Reference #:  This number is auto generated and is required. After you entered the title, please click on save.  The form will reload with this field filled in. Afterwards you can always edit the title and slug but this number will not change, it is reserved for you, let’s say it is 1256.  The URLs and and (see below) all open the same page. You can now include either one of the first two URL’s in your PDF file, the templates we provide include this feature.  A reader who obtained your PDF file by some other means may now possibly be inspired to explore the website.  In the future should  DOI registration be introduced, this number will become part of the DOI string.

Title: the title of your paper, you can include simple one-line equations as $E=mc^2$ entered as $E=mc^2$ (please refer to How to enter math equations)

Slug or short title: A slug is the part of the URL that follows the domain, You now can decide what the slug is, obviously it cannot include any equations and you may want to keep it short. The page that is created for you has the following URL where your-slug is what you entered. You may even consider of using your name

Your correspondence email:  This field is prefilled with your registered email, but you can change it.  This email is kept private from anyone browsing the the webpages. On the the page that was created for you, there is an embedded contact form.  If some one wishes to communicate with you she can use the contact form and you will receive an email from forwarding the message to you and the reply address that was enquirer entered, it is up to you if wish to reply or not.

Authors: This field is prefilled with your registered name. You can add your collaborators.  Authors are separated by “and” using Lastname‹comma› FirstNames [and/or initials] format
Eg: Jones, Mary Anne and Smith, Mark P. and Murphy, A. S. If more than three authors then just use Your Name et al.

Key Words: at least one key word or phrase separated by commas.

Excerpt: This is a 280 character summary of your paper, i.e. a summary of your abstract.  Why 280 characters? that would translate to 3 to 4 lines of text. This summary is used when creating lists of articles, thus keeping pages compact.

Abstract: Your abstract no restrictions

Confirmation Statements: You need to tick these to enable the uploading of your PDF file.

Subject Category: Please select the subject category

Tags: Select from the list of tags or suggest new tags.

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